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Evacuation Plans

Evacuation / Emergency Plans

Emergency & Evacuation Plans are an essential item in every workplace that can save lives!

Emergency & Evacuation Plans outline the steps that need to be taken in an emergency situation. If you have customers or visitors in your workplace, they are not always familiar with the building layout and any dangerous areas that may be present in an emergency. Emergency Evacuation Drawings throughout the premises are one of the best ways of communicating important information to staff and visitors. These plans can include such things as –

  • Emergency Exits
  • Locations of Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Hazardous Areas/ Equipment
  • Safe Paths of Travel in an Emergency
  • Emergency Assembly Point
  • Locations of First Aid Facilities (inc. Showers & Eye Wash Stations)
  • Contact numbers of essential service providers (eg. Water or Gas companies)
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Site Specific Information that needs to be passed on to Emergency Services (eg. Fuel Storage Tanks or Nearest Cross Street)
  • and many more …..

Emergency Evacuation Drawings are commonly placed near Exits or in public spaces and developed for ease of reading.

Does your workplace have an emergency plan??? If not, Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

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